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Place is going out of business shortly. This place was known for having rats when I was growing up!! Uwe!!

Mar 3, 2024
David A

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Feb 28, 2024
James Cochran 3rd

Great atmosphere. Good service. Got cheddar omelet with spinach. I should have asked first, the cheddar was yellow which I do not prefer. It seemed like ...Read more

Feb 28, 2024
Karen Alane

Busy, yet great service. Donna was efficient and attentive. Good food, large portions.

Feb 25, 2024
mr. mucklefutz

Id love to see the video of me throwing anything at anyone.. please save it for me to view.. you've run a great diner into the ground

Feb 21, 2024
Kyle Mutone

Was overcharged and when I complained was told "I don't do the menus " when i responded with I would not come back i was told "go to hell" by front desk ...Read more

Feb 21, 2024
Me You

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